Seen through a DV lens, in ‘Draws’ we follow House of Pharaohs up north as they play a string of shows in Birmingham, allowing a glance into their lifestyle on the road.
In their third video produced by Allegorical, House of Pharaohs take stage in a London film studio. Fast, smooth and lively, ‘Raid’ epitomises the energy the south London collective possess.
Alia Hassan returns to Iraq, his country of origin, to give an outlook on the lives of the men, women and children of 21st century Baghdad. Heart-warming and homely, yet stark and grounded, the short documentary explores this lifestyle from all angles, making for a beautifully entertaining, and educational watch.
Released in 2015, Kintsugi accounts the story of two individuals and the path that entails their convergence. We follow Adz, a young drug dealer, through the streets of London as he explains to us his outlook on life. His journey brings him to meet Jesus, a wealthy yet mysterious character,...
House of Pharaohs return to the cameras to perform ‘Mean Muggin’ at festivals and underground venues in an exhibition of their ability to work a live crowd.